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Ana's Jewelry Designs --- One of a kind creations make great gifts for all occasions!

Welcome to Ana's Jewelry Designs!  We specialize in one of a kind pieces.  I have been creating one of a kind jewelry pieces for over 7 years. It has been my hobby and a passion for a long time. I truly enjoy being creative with the beads. I also take custom made requests. All the pieces in this site are one of a kind. Similar style pieces have been created with beads variation but no two are the same! All my pieces are unique because you are an individual and we are all different!

We are able to ship to third party.  You place the order for a gift and will send it to that special someone with little note on your behalf.   


Bride- I will try to create anything you want for that special day. If you have no clue, I can help you, all you have to do is send me a picture of your dress and we can decide what style of jewelry you like the best. I have made several unique pieces for brides and they love them. They like it so much that they continue to wear the pieces for special occasions.

Brides Maids- Your brides maids will love the idea of wearing custom made jewelry for your special day. This is an ideal gift the bride can give. They will wear it for your special day and can wear time and time again. I can help you design necklaces, earrings and bracelets. You may choose to give them a set or just one item. I will work with your budget you decide! I can make them all the same (this is the one time were I bend the rule of my designs being one of a kind) or each a unique piece. Perfect if they are all wearing same color fabric but different dress style.

Once a design is selected and an order is placed, a deposit of half of the estimated cost is required. The remaining cost is required before final delivery of the jewelry. Production time varies depending on the supplies needed and the quantities ordered.